Control Science and Engineering (Academic Master of Engineering)


Based on modern control theory and control methods, we aim to develop graduate students who should be patriotic and abide by the laws and regulations and practical, interdisciplinary, and applied technicians who hold rigorous scientific attitudes and dedication to work. Specifically speaking, graduate students were required to:

1). have a solid and profound knowledge of the basics of modern electronics and communication technology andsystematic expertiseof electronics and communication engineering;

2). understand and trackthe development trends, research status and latest research results of the cutting-edge science and technology of this discipline;

3). be able to independently engage in scientific research and specialized technical work and achieve innovative results;

4).be able to proficiently read references in at least one foreign language.


Core courses: Principles of Artificial Intelligence, Modern Detection Technology, Optimal Control (Bilingual), Nonlinear System Control (Bilingual), Adaptive Control.

Featured courses: Genetic Algorithm and Evolutionary Calculation, Intelligent Control Theory.


This program has provided numerous high-quality graduate students for the country, and a considerable number of whom have become the backbone of scientific research institutes, universities, state organs, enterprises and institutions.