Pedagogy (Professional Master’s Degrees)

Objective:The majoris committed tocultivating high-level professional talents who can independently undertake practical work in education, teaching and management in primary and secondary schools as well as kindergartens. Graduate students should master the basic knowledge, theories, and methods of pedagogy, have a strong ability in education, teaching and management, the ability to practice reflection through theoretical learning, and the ability to continuously improve their own profession.


Core Courses: Professional Ethics for Teachers, Educational Principles, Curriculum and Teaching Theory, Psychological Development and Education, and Research Methods in Education.

Feature Courses: Education Management, Education Statistics and Evaluation, Education Regulationss and Policy, Case Analysison Educational Management, Basic Education Curriculum and Teaching Case Analysis, Mental Health Curriculum and Teaching Materials Research, Methods and Technologies for School Psychological Consultation, Mental Health Teaching Design and Implementation, Adolescent Psychological Problems and Counseling, Psychological Measurement and Assessment, Application and Development of Modern Educational Technologies, Information-based Teaching Design and Implementation, Information Technology Application and Development, Educational Video Resource Production, Information-based Curriculum and Teaching Material Research, and Science and Humanities Comprehensive Literacy.

Career: Graduate studentscan engage in work of teachers or administrators in primary and secondary schools as well as kindergartens, undertaking practical work such as education, teaching and management.

Master's Degree Program