Scientific Highlights

On September 25, the 2020 Beijing Science and Technology Awards were unveiled and granted to 14 scientists and 150 achievements at the 2021 ZGC (Zhongguancun) Forum. BJUT won 8 awards, including two ZGC Awards for International Cooperation and six Scientific Achievement Awards (including Natural Science Awards, Technological Innovation Awards and Science & Technology Progress Awards; four awards as the leading unit and two awards as the participating unit).

Prof. Altounian Zaven and Prof. El Naggar Mohamed Hesham, both from Canada and nominated by BJUT, won the ZGC Award for International Cooperation.

Projects awarded the Natural Science Awards(B-level) included: "Local Structure Regulation and Performance Optimization of Advanced Battery Materials" independently accomplished by the Team of Prof. Yu Haijun from the Faculty of Materials and Manufacturing; "Research on Theory and Method of Intelligent Diagnosis and Prediction of Mechanical Equipment" led by the Team of Prof. Cui Lingli from the Faculty of Materials and Manufacturing; "Dynamic Theory and Control Method of Space Robots with Global Rigid-flexible Coupling" participated by the Team of Prof. Cui Jing from the Faculty of Materials and Manufacturing.

The project on "Key Technologies and Applications of Nondestructive Testing of Semiconductor Chip Junction Temperature and System Thermal Resistance" led by the team of Prof. Feng Shiwei from the Faculty of Information Technology was presented with the Technological Innovation Award (B-level).

The Science & Technology Progress Award (A-level) went to the Project on "System Establishment and Industrial Application of Efficient Nitrogen Removal Technology from Wastewater via ANAMMOX" participated by Professor Zhang Liang and Academician Peng Yongzhen from the Faculty of Environment and Life.

The Science & Technology Progress Award (B-level) went to the Project on "Research and Application of Key Technologies for Collaborative Optimization of Big Data-driven Multi-mode Public Transport" led by the Team of Professor Chen Yanyan from the Faculty of Architecture, Civil and Transportation Engineering.

In 2002, the Beijing Science and Technology Award was established by the municipal government to reward those that have made major technological discoveries & inventions with remarkable achievements.

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