Design (Master of Arts)

Objective: The subject is committed to cultivating students with well-defined ethical requirements and professionalism, adapt to the needs of today's social development and patriotic, competitive, strongly conscious of innovation and market. They should be well-informed of systematical and solid professional design theories and knowledge of relevant disciplines as well as frontal trends and developments in design at home and abroad. They have ability to read relevant professional materials in a foreign language and can be high-level professional talents with interdisciplinary knowledge capable of design, research and teaching in the discipline of design and relevant fields to satisfy the current demand from the era of design art development.


Core Courses: Introduction to Design, Marketing, Design Psychology, Design Methodology.

Featured Courses: Aesthetics, Art Psychology, Art Criticism, Research on Art Creation Methods, Principles of Visual Communication Design, Design Methods in Digital Media, Art and Science, Digital Processing Technology, Traditional Crafts,Clothing and Accessories, Integrate Innovative Design, Service Design and Practice, Low-Carbon Design.

Career: Graduates in design can engage in work of creative design, art design, design creation, research and teaching on design.

Master's Degree Program