Fine Arts (Master of Fine Arts)

Objective: Education of Professional Art Master in Fine Arts aims at cultivating high-level professionals in artistic creation with professional ethics and systematic professional knowledge and skills. They are competent in creative work related to culture, arts and their industries. With high-level creative skills, good aesthetic judgment, strong ability to comprehend and express artistic, they should actively serve the cultural market construction. They can read relevant professional materials in a foreign language and join in art activities to continuously meet growing cultural needs in the economic market. They can also perform well in assuming responsibilities in the economic activities of the art market.


Core Courses: Literature Review and Thesis Writing, Chinese and Foreign History of Fine Art, Aesthetics, Art Psychology, Introduction to Art Theories, Research on Art Creation Methods.

Career: Graduates can engage inthecreation, research, management and other work in the field of art creation and units or departments in art management, art education and publishing.

Master's Degree Program