Art Design ( Master of Fine Arts)

Objective: The Master's Degree of Art in Art Design aims to cultivate high-level and applied art design professionals with good professional ethics, systematic professional knowledge and high-level art design skills, who are all-round development of morality, intelligence, physical and beauty, and to cultivate art design practice, teaching and art design activities that are competent for design units, colleges, research and government departments It is necessary to train high-level professionals who can use a foreign language to read relevant professional materials, and can use their own art practice to continuously meet the growing cultural demand in the economic market, and take responsibility in the economic activities of the art market.


Core courses: Literature Review and Thesis Writing, Introduction to Design, Design Psychology, Design Methodology, Design Management and Practice, Low-Carbon Design.

Career: Graduates can engage in the creation, research, management and other work in the field of art creation and units or departments in art management, art education and publishing.

Master's Degree Program