Industrial Design Engineering (Master of Engineering)

Objective: The majoris committed to cultivating talents with a high practical level in project management and technologies in industrial design engineering and knowledge in multi-fields. They are well-equipped professionally, morally, physically and psychologically, and strongly capable of implementing projects, innovating and realizing creative value. Students should have a good knowledge of basic theories in industrial design engineering, expertise and necessary knowledge in design and management. They should master cutting-edge approaches, modern technologies and techniques to solve project problems in the field of industrial design engineering. In this way, they can have independent involvement insystematical design research and design project R&D, and solve real project problems in the field of industrial design engineering and relevant design activities.


Core Courses: User Research Method and Practice, Design Management and Practice,Service Design and Practice, Low Carbon Design, Integrated and Innovative Design, Design morphology Research, Scientific History Methodology and Design Discussion, Interactive Design Method, Literature Review and Thesis Writing.

Career: Graduate students in Industrial Design Engineering can work in engineering fields of project design and industrial design.

Master's Degree Program